Miriam Klein – Holistic Emotional Integration

I am Miriam.

I am married to Yehonatan and mother to Malachi, Immanuel and Alma. We reside in Har Amasa overlooking the hills which descend into the Arad valley.

The rout of my main educational journey took me through paths of healing with Chinese medicine and orthopedics, acupuncture, Twina, Chi Gong, herbs and diet among others. Over the years I have been occupied with education, theatre, facilitation of groups, staffs and communities, and with a variety of social and commercial initiatives. While involved in healing I have been informed and inspired by many approaches both East and West. I have always been enchanted by the view of man as a complete and complex unit. In my practice I have facilitated healing processes in many areas, from physical and orthopedic pain, internal ailments, hormonal imbalance and infertility, by way of emotional pain and imbalances, consciousness and the unconscious, through to work with human strengths and challenges on the spiritual plane. Over time I have come to develop my own therapeutic approach which I call “Holistic Emotional Integration.” This approach is based upon our deep wish and need to experience wholeness and fulfillment in all aspects of our lives.

We humans are complex and multi-layered. We are deeply sensitive to the degree of synchrony amongst our parts. We feel whole when all of our aspects – body, emotion, mind and spirit are attuned as one unit.

This however is not always our situation. We may experience some parts of us as not attuned to others or unable to find expression. We may even find that some elements are in painful distress, draining life force from other elements. These situations comprise a “fragmented” inner reality.

The following situations may express such split realities:

  • We are unable to give emotional expression to our beliefs.
  • Our physical being impedes achieving our goals.
  • We are unable to fulfill our desires for close relationships, or are unable to heal prior wounds and burdens.
  • Our financial situation fails to thrive, or is the source of burdens and conflict.
  • We feel that others see in us something other than what we feel inside.
  • We experience an inner emptiness which we are unable to fill.
  • We experience intense criticism of ourselves or others, and are unable to achieve acceptance and tranquility.

In these examples, we have in essence split away some aspect of ourselves from ourselves. But these aspects have not disappeared. They leave a memory of them within us, together with the wish to reintegrate them. Such a reality may entail great pain, suffering, loneliness, alienation, separation or deep sadness.

Our emotions are the great mediators and synchronizers among all our physical and spiritual levels. When healthy and robust they are our compass. Through them we direct our lives according to our unique essence, in healthy intercourse with our environment. But when our emotions are wounded or painful, they may misguide us, causing us to bring upon ourselves situations which are not to our benefit.

As children, when we experienced rejection or indifference towards our deepest feelings, our pain was so intense that it led us to eject these feelings from ourselves and our identity. The experience of emotional rejection is so overwhelming to us as children that we spend our entire life consciously and unconsciously avoiding it. We prefer to experience incompleteness, conflict, difficulties, ailments and a host of limiting and disturbing realities, rather than re-experience the primordial emotional rejection seared into our childhood memory.

In order to mask these earliest wounds, we may:

  • Adopt other painful feelings that mask the deepest ones.
  • Sacrifice our authenticity and our fidelity to our deepest inner voices.
  • Unknowingly ruin our dearest relationships.
  • Adopt restricting beliefs about ourselves and our reality.
  • Develop habits and habituations that drain our energies.
  • Develop physical weakness, fatigue, tension or illness that cause pain and limitations.

These are among the host of extremely intense inner processes which we utilize unconsciously in order to ensue emotional survival.

However, while they do enable survival, they significantly damage our quality of life, our fulfillment and creativity, and our relationships. Our unconscious defense mechanisms prescribe a system of beliefs regarding ourselves and others. These beliefs define the limits of what we allow ourselves to fulfill in all the manifold areas of our lives.

For some of the mechanisms it is sufficient to recognize them consciously and see that they no  longer serve us in order to choose to shed them and become open to new expanses. However, many of these mechanisms are so intricate, loaded with internal contradictions, bound by concrete reality that inhibits change, tied deeply to our most essential relationships, or so deeply entrenched in our subconscious, that we fail to find access to them.

Holistic Emotional Integration involves a journey in which we reveal, identify, collect and heal our fragmented parts. We bring them back together to our experience of ourselves and our identity. They then come into contact with our daily reality, our relationships, and the new possibilities we wish to open for ourselves.

This is an approach, not a system. It is the compass that directs the inner journey, while many different methods may contribute to the progress towards our deepest desires. It is a journey back to ourselves, to our wholesome essence and identity.

Every reality that diminishes us or that causes us suffering is rooted in our efforts to mask an emotional pain seared upon us in the past. And so, the way to return to ourselves and synchronize all of our parts follows the path of healing our emotional wounds. All the other physical, cognitive and spiritual levels of ourselves are drawn like a magnet to this center of emotional healing.

There are many tools that may play a role in this journey to healing and wholeness:

  • Tools belonging to the world of holistic psychology and to awareness of our inner strengths and challenges. These include identifying and changing beliefs, altering roles, acquiring awareness and control over the energy we project, awareness of our inner language and tools for creating a beneficial internal and external dialog.
  • Tools directed at the subconscious by way of relaxation and imagination, conscious learning from dreams, healing and altering past experiences.
  • Tools directed to the future, receiving inspiration, strength and clarity from our future. Creating inner goals, changing debilitating patterns, planning the future and change of actions at crossroads. Tools for energetic enhancement, anchoring changes in concrete daily life.
  • Tools for achieving a higher perspective on our experiences as opportunities for learning and self-enhancement.
  • At times the healing process may be supported by breathing techniques, movement, meditation, energetic healing, herbs, diet and dietary supplements.
  • Many times we reveal new tools as we go along the healing journey.  One of the assumptions of Holistic Emotional Integration is that just as we are equipped with all the requisite organs, capabilities and skills we needs in order to fulfill ourselves, so we are equipped with the requisite tools and healing capacities to bring about the healing processes and changes we deeply desire. Oftentimes it is during the therapeutic process that a new tool for healing appears as a generous and moving gift that can be recognized as the most precise tool for the process. Here is a precious moment, powerful and creative, in this mutual process.

Holistic Emotional Integration sees not only the single man but his relationships as well, as units seeking synchronicity and wholeness. Many times our divided inner reality is expressed in conflicts, fears, inhibitions and gaps in our relationships with those dear to us. Here is a field rich in information and in opportunities for healing and change of great depth and force. The healing is for ourselves, for those close to us, and for the relationship itself.

And so beyond individual treatments, there is at times place for couples processes, various grouping of family members or even friends or commercial partners.

Each journey is unique and reveals itself as it unfolds.

The block of time necessary to support the process may also vary from case to case. We will discover together the optimal time frame for meetings and their frequency. At times a session not limited by the clock is necessary, and an entire day will be set aside to afford time for one’s inner pace.

There could also be periods during which telephone contact, even daily, may be necessary in order to support the internalization of deep changes within the complex and intricate systems in which we live.

Treatments take place in Har Amasa, Jerusalem and Beer Sheba.

I can be contacted at 055-6631420 or by email: Me@miriam.co.il.

Or just leave your contact information here and I will get back to you.